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Current Affairs February 9, 2023

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1. Grammy Award 2023 – 65th  Grammy Award 
2. C/2022 E3 (ZTF) - Comet 
3. Odakkuzhal Award 2022 Recipient -  Ambikasuthan Mangad  
4. U Sharaf Ali: Appointed as the New President of Kerala State Sports Council 


Grammy Award 2023 – 65th Grammy Award 

The Grammy Awards, regarded as the most prestigious, significant awards in the music industry are presented by the Recording Academyof the United States. It is to recognize "outstanding" achievements in the music industry. The 65th award ceremony was held at the Arena in Los Angeles on February 5, 2023. Ricky Kej, Indian – awarded in the category of Best Immersive Audio Album for his Divine Tides. 

Award Winners 2023 
The four Popular and Important categories of Grammy are 

  1. Album of the Year: Harry’s House by Harry Styles 

  2. Record of the Year: About Damn Time by Lizzo 

  3. Song of the Year: Just Like That by Bonnie Raitt 

  4. Best New Artist: Samara Joy 

    Features of 65th  Grammy 

  • A Special Merit Award, Best Song for Social Change, was added. 

  • Kim Petras (Best Pop Duo) become the first transgender women to receive Grammy. 

  • Beyonce become the most awarded artist. She won 4 awards this year and a total of 32. 


C/2022 E3 (ZTF) - Comet 

C/2022 E3 (ZTF) is a long-period comet from the Oort cloud. It was discovered by the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) in March 2022. The closest approach of the comet to Earth was on 1 February 2023 and was at a distance of 0.28 AU. 

Systematic Designation of Comet 

C: To indicate that the comet is not a periodic comet 

2022 E3: Means that this is the third comet to be discovered in the first half of March 2022 

Characteristics of C/2022 E3 

  • Color: Green 

  • Orbit type: Long Period Comet 

  • Part of Orot Cloud 

What is Orot Cloud? 

Orot Cloud is the sphere-shaped outer edge of Solar System. It is about fifty times farther away from the Sun than the Kuiper Belt 

  • Kuiper Belt: The Kuiper Belt is a doughnut-shaped ring of icy objects around the Sun, extending just beyond the orbit of Neptune.  


Odakkuzhal Award 2022 Recipient -  Ambikasuthan Mangad  

Odakkuzhal Award 

The renowned Malayalam poet G. Sankara Kurup established the Odakkuzhal Award, an annual literary prize, to commemorate the Jnanpith Award he had received in 1965. The award will be given to writers  for a particular excellent piece of work they have done in the Malayalam language. 

Who Won in 2022? 

For his collection of short stories titled Pranavayu, author Ambikasuthan Mangad has been chosen for the Odakuzhal Award 2022. The prize consists of a plaque, a citation, and Rs 30,000. 

Why it is Awarded to Ambikasuthan Mangad? 

In its evaluation, the judging committee for 2022 said Pranavayu included stories that are contemporary and filled with modern vision and outlook. ‘Pranavayu’ written in 2015 tells the story of a dystopian world where people have to buy oxygen kits for survival. The stories Neeraliyan and Pranavayu, which are based on climate change, offer a unique reading experience in Malayalam. 

  • First given in: 1969  

  • Instituted by: Guruvayurappan Trust 

  • First received by: Vennikkulam Gopala Kurup 

  • 2021 Recipient: Sarah Joseph for her novel Budhini 


U Sharaf Ali: Appointed as the New President of Kerala State Sports Council 

Former Indian football captain U Sharaf Ali is appointed as the new president of Kerala State Sports Council (KSSC). Being an officer in Kerala Police and a player in Kerala Police team, he played a major role in strengthening the Kerala State Team during the 1990s.  

What is KSSC? 

Kerala State Sports Council is a statutory body formed as per Kerala Sports Act 2000 aiming to create equal access and opportunity for all, such that it would contribute to the betterment of sports, positive growth and development of the nation. 

Colonel Goda Varma Raja who is known as the King of Kerala Sports founded Kerala Sports Council in 1954, the first of its kind in the whole of India. In 2000 it dissolved and started to function as Kerala State Sports Council. 

  • President: U Sharaf Ali 

  • Former President: Olympian Mercy Kuttan 




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