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Current Affairs March 16, 2023

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Table of Contents:
1. First Country to Import and Bury CO2 - Denmark 
2. Kerala Tops in Literacy Rate 
3. First Methanol-Powered Bus of India in Bengaluru 
4. The First Metro to Accept Digital Currency for Parking - Kochi Metro 

First Country to Import and Bury CO2 - Denmark 

Denmark becomes first country in the world to bury CO2 that has been imported from abroad, with the carbon injected 1,800 meters below the seabed to prevent further warming of the atmosphere. 

The CO2 graveyard, where the carbon is injected to prevent further warming of the atmosphere, is on the site of an old oil field led by British chemical giant Ineos and German Oil Company Wintershall Dea, the "Greensand" project is expected to store up to eight million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2030. 

Project Greensand works to ensure that Denmark can use the storage of CO2 as part of the solution to climate challenges. The project has 23 Danish and international partners who contribute expertise from transport, storage and monitoring of CO2 in the underground. 


  • Nordic constituent country in Northern Europe 

  • Capital: Copenhagen 

  • Prime Minister: Mette Frederiksen 

Kerala Tops in Literacy Rate 

As per the National Sample Survey report, Kerala has the highest literacy rate followed by Lakshadweep and Mizoram. The literacy rate of Kerala is 94% and that of Lakshadweep is 91.85%. According to the data, Bihar has the lowest literacy, followed by Arunachal Pradesh and Rajasthan. The literacy rate in rural India is 67.77 percent as compared to 84.11 percent in urban India. 

Union Minister of State for Education Annapurna Devi shared this information in response to a written question in Lok Sabha. Union Minister of State for Education Annapurna Devi shared this information in response to a written question in Lok Sabha. 

Type of Questions in Loksabha 

  • Starred Questions - The Question to which a member desires an oral answer from the Minister in the House and supplementary questions can be asked 

  • Unstarred Questions - Question to which written answer is desired by the member and is deemed to be laid on the Table of the House by Minister. No supplementary question can be asked thereon 

  • Short Notice Questions - A member may give a notice of question on a matter of public importance and of urgent character for oral answer at a notice less than 10 days  

  • Questions to Private Members - A Question may also be addressed to a Private Member provided that the subject matter of the question relates to some Bill, Resolution or other matter connected with the business of the House for which that Member is responsible.  

First Methanol-Powered Bus of India in Bengaluru 

Union Minister for Road and Transport, Nitin Gadkari, unveiled the first methanol-powered buses in Bengaluru in collaboration with the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), NITI Aayog, Indian Oil Company (IOC), and Ashok Leyland. These newly built buses will be run by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation. It comes under the Clean Energy Mission by the government and the project is aimed at reducing the level of emissions. 

The BMTC intends to launch 80 buses that will use methanol fuel as part of the trial project, and 20 Ashok Leyland buses will also be introduced in the first stages. As part of the project, the Indian Oil Corporation will provide free diesel and methanol for three months. 

  • Union Minister for Road and Transport: Nitin Gadkari 

  • Chief Minister of Karnataka: Basavaraj Bommai 

  • Governor of Karnataka: Thawar Chand Gehlot 

  • Capital of Karnataka: Bengaluru 

The First Metro to Accept Digital Currency for Parking - Kochi Metro 

Kochi Metro Rail Limited has become the first metro to accept the central bank digital currency issued by the RBI. The Metro has prepared a system to pay parking charges in e-rupees. The service will initially be available at the parking lot adjacent to Thaikudam Metro Station. Later, the facility will be extended to other station parking lots as well. 

Technology start-up Anantham Online has made this service available at Kochi Metro Parking in collaboration with IDFC First Bank. The public can make money transactions through digital wallets of banks providing e-rupee service. 

Metro Rail Projects in India 

  • First metro: Kolkata 

  • Largest metro: Delhi 

  • Busiest metro: Delhi 

  • Number of metros in operation: 16 

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