Deciding on the right career is easy with CMAP+ HOOK YOUR CAREER

  • Many famed opportunities are out there! And the world of work is changing fast!
  • As an educational portal, Manorama Horizon assure a policy to secure the career of each student by aiming their satisfying and successful career.
  • We know the fact that each student is more likely to achieve happiness and success in their career only when their choice meets their personality and abilities.
  • “Research shows that personalities seek out and flourish in career environments they fit” John Holland(1919 -2008).
  • Because of this we suggest every student to pick an opportunity to understand their own personality and abilities, before prefer their career.
  • We pleased you to bring CMAP+, a Premium International psychometric assessment product, available from Manorama Horizon.


  • 30-35 minutes to complete.
  • On-line, anytime, anywhere.
  • Provides a comprehensive 16 page report.
  • Proven by the true reflection of your personality and preferences.
  • Valuable insights on your Career Interests, Work Needs and Reasoning abilities.
  • 5 pages of career suggestions unique to you, to suit your profile.
  • Download a soft copy of the report within minutes of completion
  • Designed by Psytech International UK, one of the worlds' leaders in psychometric assessment

What does a CMAP+ report contain?

The CMAP+ report contains 16 pages of remarkable insights. The assessment is based on internationally acknowledged models: John Holland’s Career Themes, Cattell's Trait Theory, and Spear man's G-Factor model of general intelligence.

The assessment measures:-

  • Nine broad patterns of Career interests: Artistic, Scientific, Logical, Managerial, Administrative, Persuasive, Practical, Entrepreneurial and Nurturing.
  • Eight very important dimensions of your profile contains your work needs.
  • Three elements of general intelligence: Verbal, Numerical and Abstract reasoning.

What not to do

Choosing a career by shadowing parent’s instructions, following peer group by considering it as a comfort zone or choosing a career that pays best, it doesn’t mean that you will be successful and happy in that career.

So what is the best way to make your career choice?

Your career choice must reflect your passion, what you prefer to do and what you are good at. It must be based on your vocational interests, preferences, aptitudes and capabilities. It should posses a scopeful career in future which will ensure that your chosen field should be still in demand within 5 years of time.


Complete a high quality vocational guidance psychometric assessment with CMAP+. This will give you very accurate and detailed information on your career preferences, profile of your work needs and reasoning capabilities.

Vocational Counselling

Discuss your assessment results, academic records, and other relevant information with a professional guidance counsellor. If you need help with this, you may avail excellent support from our partners TC Global. Simply visit their website and contact any of their branches and show your CMAP+ report. Counselling advice is available without charge at TC Global. If you request a 1-1 feedback session, there would be a small additional fee.


Research your most desired career options to earn comprehensive information on what it really enfolds. Interact with professionals and go to career expos. By doing this you should get a clear idea of the career, its requirements and future prospects.


Commit to your most preferred career decision, develop a detailed action plan to progress and demonstrate the perseverance, focus and hard work to make your dream career a reality.

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