Our Psychometric Analysis test is scientifically designed and personalised for evaluation using Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Data Analytics. It uses an array of well developed and recognized assessment tools. Our career experts carefully study test results and report will be emailed within a day.

Efficient & scientific Test Engine

With Scientific Test Design and personalised evaluation using Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Data Analytics, Manorama Horizon - Career Test Online Live Psychometric Analysis has an array of well developed and effective tools at your service. Our career experts carefully study test results and report will be e-mailed within a day.

3-way approach

The test outlines the route map towards success using career dimensions, defines what an ideal career for you should look like and understands your liking, capabilities and character traits.

Job Suitability Matrix

Manorama Horizon-Career Test Live psychometric test has our own trade marked career matching system that tabulates for you,an astounding 100 careers and how suitable you are for each one of them!

Academic route finder

We have doesn’t stop at identifying the best careers for you. Its career planning tool discovers the most suitable academic courses that you should pursue after school/college,finding the route to your dream job!

Price Rs. 1,250


Our Unique Features

  • A Simple Test comprising of 7 sub tests with a total duration of around 2 hrs.
  • Non academic test, no preparation required, not time-based, breaks allowed in between the tests.
  • Get a clear insight to your genuine Interests, Talents, Personality traits
  • Identify your suitable academic courses right from 10th standard till Post Graduation.
  • Simple, yet elegant & impressive report with attractive graphics easily understandable for students.
  • Not any automated report- but evaluated & prepared by Career Experts – delivered by email within 2 working days after test completion.
  • Test results analysed using latest AI and Data Analytical Tools to ensure accurate assessment.

How it Works?

One simple test, many different careers and a future filled with success,
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What does the Psychometric assessment report contain?

  • Career Interests Profile (What do you like to do ?) - Your likes & dislikes for different career sectors.
  • Career Aptitude Profile ( What are you capable of doing ?) – your talents in delivering a work efficiently in your career.
  • Career Personality Profile (What makes you happy & satisfied at work?) Your strengths & weaknesses.
  • Careers which are not suitable for you, which needs to be avoided.          
  • A conclusive analysis of Top 3 recommended careers for you with proper career descriptions and academic courses suitable from school level.
  • The test will showcase a your compatibility in 100 different careers in various sectors such as engineering, research, Medical, Commerce, Linguistics, Media, Designing, Law etc.

Price Rs. 1,250


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