Blender Craft: Beginner's Guide to 3D Mastery

Embark on a transformative journey from novice to expert in 3D design with Blender Crafter, where creativity knows no bounds and innovation thrives!

  • Craft amazing 3D models and animations with Blender: Discover how to create impressive 3D designs and animations using Blender's powerful tools.
  • Challenge yourself with projects that boost problem-solving skills: Work on exciting projects that push your thinking skills, vital for success in digital design.
  • Bring your ideas to life with creative projects: Let your imagination soar as you turn your ideas into reality through fun and creative projects.
  • Get hands-on experience with real-world projects: Learn by doing as you tackle practical exercises guided by expert trainers, preparing you for the demands of the industry.

Joining the course provides expert training, connections with industry pros, and valuable skills to excel in today's work environment.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to advance your career and unleash your creativity in 3D design!

Course Fee : ₹10000.00/-

About the course

In today's digital era, Blender stands as a premier tool for 3D design, offering boundless opportunities in animation, gaming, architecture, and more. Led by seasoned trainers, our course guides you from novice to proficient Blender user through hands-on learning and practical projects. Gain the skills and confidence to navigate Blender's interface, master its tools, and unleash your creativity in the dynamic world of 3D design. With a focus on practical, project-based learning, you'll enhance problem-solving, logical thinking, and teamwork abilities while receiving expert training and connecting with industry professionals. Elevate your resume and gain a competitive edge in the job market with valuable 3D design skills applicable across diverse industries. Upon completion, receive a certificate accredited by STEM.Org, validating your mastery of Blender. Join us in this transformative journey today and embark on a rewarding career in 3D design. Plus, enjoy access to class recordings for six months on the Manorama Horizon platform, enabling flexible learning at your own pace.


Calling all curious minds and eager explorers to dive into the world of game development with open arms - all enthusiasts are invited to join our engaging session


A stable internet connection and a device (preferably with a dedicated graphics card), equipped with a webcam, microphone, and speakers, are necessary for interactive engagement with the trainer.

Class Timings

Date : 29th April 2024 - 21st May 2024
[12 Days(Classes on Alternate Days)]

Time : 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM IST

Course Curriculum



Session 1 - Introduction to Blender and User Interface
  • Overview of Blender software
  • Understanding the workspace and navigation
  • Introduction to basic tools and shortcuts
  • Project: Creating a simple 3D scene with primitives and manipulation.
Session 2 - Exploring Editors and Scenes
  • Overview of different editors: 3D Viewport, Outliner, Properties, etc.
  • Understanding scenes and objects
  • Project: Designing a basic room layout with furniture and lighting.
Session 3 - Basic Modeling Techniques
  • Introduction to modeling techniques: primitives, extrusion, and loop cuts
  • Basic mesh editing tools
  • Project: Modeling a simple house or vehicle using basic modeling techniques.
Session 4 - Sculpting and Painting
  • Introduction to sculpting tools and brushes
  • Basics of texture painting
  • Project: Sculpting and painting a creature or character model.
Session 5 - Grease Pencil Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Grease Pencil tool
  • Drawing and animating in 2D space
  • Project: Creating a short 2D animation sequence using Grease Pencil.
Session 6 - Advanced Grease Pencil Techniques
  • Exploring more advanced Grease Pencil features
  • Incorporating Grease Pencil animations into 3D scenes
  • Project: Developing a complex 2D animation with Grease Pencil characters
  • Interacting in a 3D environment.
Session 7: Animation Basics
  • Introduction to keyframe animation principles
  • Basics of animating objects and cameras
  • Project: Animating a simple bouncing ball or pendulum.
Session 8 - Rigging Fundamentals
  • Introduction to rigging: armatures, bones, and constraints
  • Rigging simple characters and objects
  • Project: Rigging
Session 9 - Advanced Rigging Techniques
  • Exploring more complex rigging setups
  • Rigging for facial expressions and secondary motion
  • Project: Rigging a character with advanced controls for facial animation and body deformation.
Session 10 - Physics Simulation Basics
  • Introduction to Blender's physics simulation engine
  • Basics of rigid body and soft body physics
  • Project: Simulating a basic physics-based animation like falling dominos or a bouncing ball with realistic physics.
Session 11 & 12 - Design Thinking and Project Development
  • Applying design thinking principles
  • Brainstorming and ideation for final projects
  • Project development and presentation

Resource Person

Monish Mohan

Monish Mohan is a visionary educator renowned for his ability to merge entertainment with education, creating an immersive learning journey. With over four years of teaching experience, Monish has established himself as a mentor par excellence, guiding teams to extraordinary success. Notably, he led a team to victory in the Codeavour competition, where they claimed the 1st prize in the Kerala regionals. Furthermore, Monish's mentorship was instrumental in propelling another team to global recognition as nominees in the NASA Space Apps Challenge. His innovative teaching style, coupled with his proficiency in gaming and rapid prototyping, fosters a dynamic learning environment where students thrive. By infusing humor, storytelling, and interactive elements into his lessons, Monish captivates his audience's attention while imparting invaluable knowledge. His remarkable achievements as both an educator and a mentor underscore his commitment to excellence and passion for empowering the next generation of innovators.

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