Online Basic DevOps Certification Course - Batch 2

  • Concept Explanation in English and Malayalam
  • Individual Attention
  • E-Certificate
  • Access to Recorded Classes
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Hands-on Assignments for Each Module
Course Fee : ₹700.00/-
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Course Prerequisites

Create an AWS Account and a Linux Machine in the Cloud. Watch this video


After creating the account login, watch the video to understand the SSH key concepts

Course Curriculum



Getting Started
  • Creating a Linux Machine in AWS Cloud
  • Introduction to softwares
  • Introduction to web applications
  • Setting up a web application in Linux
  • Using Nginx webserver to serve the web application
  • Introduction to running the website on a domain
Infrastructure as code using terraform
Infrastructure as Code - Introduction
  • Introduction to infrastructure as code
  • Generating access keys and secret keys in AWS for automation
Install and configure Terraform to work with AWS
  • Installing terraform
  • Configuring terraform to use access key and secret key from previous step
  • Setting up AWS provider settings in terraform
Provision AWS resources using Terraform
  • Creating an AWS instance using terraform
  • Creating a security group in AWS and attaching to the instance
Configuration as code using Ansible
Configuration as code
  • Introduction to configuration as code
  • Benefits of writing configuration as code
Setting up Ansible
  • Provisioning 2 machines in AWS - An Ansible server, and a webserver
  • Installing Ansible
Configure Ansible
  • Configuring Ansible to speak to the web server through SSH
  • Hosts and Groups
Configuring playbooks for webservers
  • Writing a playbook to install Nginx and copy the web application to web servers
  • Executing the playbooks
Git as single source of truth
Code as single source of Truth
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Configuration as code
GitHub as single source of truth
  • Creating a GitHub account and repository
  • Pushing terraform and Ansible code into GitHub
Jenkins to integrate terraform and Ansible
Introduction to pipelines
  • What is a pipeline?
  • Importance of pipelines at work
Install and configure Jenkins
  • Creating a machine in AWS to install Jenkins
  • Installing Jenkins
A complete automated infrastructure
  • What it looks like in real time
  • About machine tags
  • Working as a team
  • Conclusion

About the course

DevOps is a blend of software development and IT Operations. Its main purpose is to shorten the systems development phase and to provide continuous service with high-quality software. This course will provide a clear basic insight and knowledge of DevOps. Subscribers can access the recorded video classes for a duration of three months even after the LIVE sessions


Recommended for anyone with basic computer proficiency

System Requirements

This course requires a system with steady internet connection

Class Timings

Date : 07th October 2022 - 07th October 2022
[Monday to Friday]

Time : 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM IST

Resource Person

Basil Varghese

Co-founder and Trainer
Coit Technologies Pvt Ltd