DevSecOps And Cloud-Native Bootcamp


  • Interactive live training
  • Skilled mentorship to Master DevOps /SRE
  • Job-oriented advanced courses with 5 cutting - edge projects
  • Real - world scenarios
  • Replicable labs
Course Fee : ₹24000.00/-

Course Brief

The program consists of 6 courses,  with course 1 being a beginner-friendly course that provides an introduction to containers and kubernetes. The remaining five courses are advanced project -based training courses that tackle major DevOps problems. Each advanced course consists of 3 weeks of training, with 2 weeks of work-oriented training and 1 week of project work, these advanced courses are covered after completing course 1.

About the course

The DevSecOps and Cloud -Native Bootcamp is a 4-month, instructor-led training program designed to address a variety of DevOps issues.
This course is open to anyone working in any IT domain at least 4 years of experience. We cover most of the problems that DevOps/SRE professionals solve in companies. Through hands-on work, you will learn to solve five major DevOps problems using industry-best solutions. You will also work on five advanced problems as part of a group of 20+ people. After each project, you'll become more experienced and begin thinking like a seasoned professional who focuses on business requirements rather than just technical knowledge. We also provide training to help you prepare for interviews and explain these projects to potential employers. As containers are a relatively new technology that not every company has mastered, our projects are superior to most company projects out there, this will increase your confidence during interview calls.


This course is open to anyone currently working in any IT domain with at least 4 years of experience

System Requirements

Need a basic laptop wit steady internet connection and also need an account in any cloud (AWS , AZURE or GOOGLE)

Class Timings

Date : 05th June 2023 - 30th September 2023

Time : 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM IST

Course Curriculum

Course 1

This hands-on training covers all the fundamental aspects including microservices (React, JAVA, and Python), building and deploying them on cloud VMs, containerization with docker, and running and orchestrating them on kubernetes. 

Course 2

Discover how our DeveSecOps can benefit IT Professionals with at least 4 years of experience in any domain by equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge to need to implement secure software development practices through out the Software Development Life Cycle. 

Course 3

Not just learning, you will understand the difference that kubernetes makes for projects, after the course you will work on a awesome project which is an eye opener to today's standards. 

Course 4

This course covers the fundamentals of CI/CD with Azure DevOps and provides hands-on experience with building CI/CD Pipelines for software development projects. Participants will learn about source code management, developer workflows, azure Boards and azure Pipelines. By the end of the course, students will have completed an advanced CI/CD project and gained the confidence to apply their knowledge in interviews and real-world scenarios. 

Course 5

Take your IT career to the next level with advanced observability training. Discover how to implement powerful observability techniques with our advanced observability training course. This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the rapidly evolving world of DevOps. 

Course 6

Elevate your cloud infrastructure skills with our 15-hour Advanced Terraform Training. Designed for IT professionals, this course focuses on deploying web applications and microservices in AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. 

Resource Person


Basil Varghese is an experienced corporate trainer with over 15 years of industrial experience and 7+ years of corporate training experience. As a Co-Founder of, he has extensive knowledge in the areas of DevOps, DevSecOps, Infra Management, and software architecture. With a passion for sharing knowledge and helping organizations improve their delivery process, he has conducted advanced cloud native training for top companies across the world, training over 2000 techies to date. Prior to CoIT, he worked as a senior liaison specialist at Akamai, where they engaged best DevOps practices to speed up the reliability and delivery process of various small and medium projects. As an accomplished speaker, he has spoken at various conferences including Hashitalks India 2023. Furthermore, his expertise and leadership have resulted in their startup, Doorward Technologies, winning the Hitachi Appathon 2021.