One Day Workshop on Digital Still Photography - Batch 3

Step into the captivating realm of photography and shape your skills like never before.

  • Engage in practical exercises to apply photography concepts in real-time.
  • Participate in lively discussions on techniques, equipment, and artistic elements
  • Elevate your photography portfolio with newly acquired skills and techniques
  • Learn from the expert faculty of Manorama School of Communication (MASCOM)

Mode: Offline Workshop

Location: Manorama School of Communication (MASCOM), Kottayam

Course Fee : ₹2500.00/-


About the course

Begin your photography journey with our immersive workshop! Discover the art of photography through captivating sessions led by expert faculty from the prestigious Manorama School of Communication (MASCOM). Uncover SLR/DSLR/Mirrorless camera techniques, master exposure, explore lenses, and harness composition techniques. Conducted in Malayalam, the course fee includes refreshments and a sumptuous lunch. Elevate your skills, gain confidence, and receive a certificate upon completion. Dive into photography, nurture your creativity, and reserve your spot today!

Course Details


Fuel your passion for photography with an eagerness to learn.


 Workshop Details

The workshop will take place on the premises of Manorama School of Communication (MASCOM). If you possess a DSLR camera, bringing it along will enhance your engagement and participation in the workshop.


Class Details

  Date : 30th December 2023

  Time : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM IST

Course Curriculum



Understand SLR / DSLR Camera
  • Discover the essence of SLR / DSLR cameras.
  • Uncover how they function and their digital still camera attributes.
Types of Lenses
  • Discern the nuances of focal lengths in various lens types.
  • Learn to leverage different lenses effectively.
Exposure Controls in Photography (Practical)
  • Master aperture settings.
  • Command shutter speed and understand ISO.
  • Delve into shallow and deep depth of field.
  • Engage in hands-on photography by experimenting with apertures, shutter speeds, and diverse lenses.
White Balance
  • Grasp the concept of color temperature.
  • Navigate through different types of light sources.
Understanding Composition Rules
  • Embrace foundational framing rules for composition.
  • Comprehend strategic subject placement.
Basic Lighting Techniques
  • Illuminate your knowledge about indoor and outdoor lighting techniques.
Practical and Review
  • Unlock the art of photography with a comprehensive course that delves into essential concepts, hands-on practice, and insightful reviews.

Resource Person

Mr. Salumon.S

Salumon.S has an experience of over 15 years (Industry and Teaching ) He worked as a News cameraman in Indiavision News channel and Mathrubhumi news channel for six years and has an overall experience of eight years in teaching media education. He worked as the Head of Department of BVC and BMMC Departments of OGEI Wayanad and Course Coordinator cum Assistant Professor in DiST Angamaly. He also worked as visual specialist in Chitramalika, Kochi for making ad films, short films, corporate videos etc. Salumon comes with a Master degree in Visual communication from CUSAT.

Knowledge Partner