Fun With Physics: An Interactive Workshop

Ever wonder what it would be like to learn science by building things, breaking things and testing things? And without a single equation in sight?!

This is the kind of course students (and adults) often crave for – something based in experiencing the beauty of scientific principles directly rather than just mugging up black and white lines from a textbook, to be poured into a test paper and forgotten the moment the exams are over.

Imagine if,

  • You could understand fundamental scientific principles by actually seeing them in action.
  • Build stuff and test out new ideas.
  • Have fun with like-minded young people just like you.
Course Fee : ₹1500.00/-
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Course Curriculum



Friction toys

Friction opposes motion. Right? Not quite, learn why that statement is incomplete, and why modern transportation would be impossible without friction!!




Pulleys -Levers in motion

Levers give us advantage, making it easier to move heavy loads, but how do pulleys make lifting easier? Lets find out!




Find the boiled egg

Seems simple? Only until you try it. Understand the concept of fluids and drag like never before!




Rotation is weird-The science of spinning things

Spinning things will constantly surprise you, behaving in ways you do not deem possible, understand why rotation is so strange with a series of bold experiments!




Survive the jungle! - Making an on-the-spot compass

You are stuck in the jungle, with a mobile phone that doesn't work, how do you find your way out? Lets figure it out!




Making an electromagnet

Making an electromagnet is easy right? But what if you want to make it more powerful? Lets find out together!




Making paper sing! -Lessons in current, magnetism and sound

See how we can make a sheet of paper create actual melody--using the power of electricity and magnetism!




Planetarium based activity

Learn to recognize constellations, and how to use them to locate really interesting stuff to study in the night sky!

About the course

Our one-day workshop is designed to give students a solid grounding in basic Physics by giving them the tools and the understanding they need to build a strong foundation for science and technology careers they wish to pursue in the future. Using interesting demonstrations and insightful participatory activities spread over 7 to 8 hours.

Those who complete the course will receive certificate from Manorama Horizon.

Who can Join

Students from grade 7 to 10 desiring to become comfortable and capable with Physics are welcome.


  • Students must be physically present at the workshop venue: Malayala Manorama, Manorama Jn, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi
  • Workshop materials will be provided along with session

Class Timings

Date : 13th January 2024 - 13th January 2024

Time : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM IST

Resource Person

Toms Thomas  

A BITS Pilani trained engineer with over a decade of experience in teaching science and engineering, he combines his talent for explaining complex concepts in simple day to day language with a boundless desire to build things.

Resource Person

Rosu Emmanuel

In her class, creativity is not just encouraged; it's celebrated. A Masters and M.Phil in Physics, her ability to help her students visualize physical principles is matched only by her infectious enthusiasm.