Hydroponics For Beginners

Acquire fundamental knowledge on the setup and maintenance of hydroponic systems, enabling you to grow your own pesticide-free, nutrient-dense leafy greens and vegetables.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understanding hydroponics and its distinctions from alternative growing techniques.
  • Exploring various hydroponic methods for cultivation and their rationale.
  • Mastering the process of establishing a basic hydroponic system.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of nutrition and effective management strategies.
Course Fee : ₹1000.00/-
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Course Curriculum

Day - 1
  • Introduction to Hydroponics
  • Why Hydroponics and its necessity
  • Types of Hydroponics: Exploring Advantages and Disadvantages
    • NFT
    • Wick system
    •  Dutch Bucket
    • Deep Water Culture
  • Setting up different Hydroponic Systems - Part -1
  • Question and Answer Session
Day - 2
  • Exploring Various Hydroponic Techniques: 
    • Drip
    • EBB & Flow
    • Aeroponics
  • Setting up different Hydroponic systems - Part-2
  • Hydroponic Nutrients and Monitoring Parameters
  • The Future of Hydroponics and the Challenges Ahead
  • Question and Answer Session

About the course

Upon completion of our hydroponics course, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of hydroponic systems, techniques, and best practices. This knowledge will enable them to cultivate plants successfully without soil, as they will gain expertise in nutrient solutions, pH management, and plant propagation. Armed with this newfound confidence, participants will be empowered to establish their own hydroponic gardens, leading to sustainable and efficient plant growth, increased yields, and the enjoyment of fresh produce throughout the year.


To facilitate learning, the class recordings will remain accessible for three months, and all participants will receive e-certificates as recognition of their achievement. Moreover, each participant will receive Hydroponics Starter Nutrition Kit valued at Rs. 700 to kickstart their hydroponic gardening journey. Detailed video tutorials will also be available to guide them in setting up various types of hydroponic systems, including NFT and Dutch Bucket.


There are no specific eligibility requirements for this course; however, having a passion for cultivating plants is certainly a valuable asset.



Class Timings

Date : 25th August 2023 - 26th August 2023

Time : 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM IST

Resource Person

 Mr . Raju Joseph

Raju Joseph is an accomplished engineer who currently holds the prestigious role of Managing Director at Back2Farm Private Limited, an innovative Agritech company. With a specialization in Protected Cultivation Technologies, his expertise lies in Soilless cultivation and Hitech agriculture. Raju excels in establishing farms and hydroponic gardens, showcasing his undeniable skills in this domain.


Back2Farm is a standout player in the industry, known for its excellence in sustainable farming and processing solutions. Their diverse portfolio includes rooftop farms, greenhouses, drip irrigation systems, and energy-efficient solar dryers. Proudly associated with IGMA (Indian Green House Manufacturing Association), they also serve as a trusted dealer for various drip irrigation companies. Beyond national boundaries, Back2Farm's impact reaches global proportions, offering consultation services on solar dryers and Greenhouses for projects in African, the Middle East, and other international locations.

Resource Person

Mr . Jithin David

At Back2Farm, Jithin David heads the vertical dedicated to Soilless cultivation and IOT control. With a remarkable expertise in crafting controllers for precision agriculture, Jithin is recognized as a trailblazer in the realm of Hydroponics. Having previously managed a successful startup that received government grants, he possesses valuable entrepreneurial experience.


Jithin's proficiency extends to designing advanced Hydroponic setups, devising optimal plant nutrition solutions, and overseeing various aspects of Hydroponic gardening. His innovative systems have gained widespread adoption, playing a pivotal role in advancing soilless farming and greenhouse controls internationally, not just within India

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