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Immerse yourself in our comprehensive online live training sessions set in a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Engage in hands-on coding exercises and real-world projects, equipping yourself with the skills and confidence essential for success in the IT industry. Let's embark on this transformative learning journey together.

  • Comprehensive online live training sessions
  • Dynamic and interactive learning environment
  • Practical coding exercises and projects
  • Skills and confidence needed to succeed in the IT industry
Course Fee : ₹6000.00/-
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Course Curriculum



Introduction to Python and Variables

January 18

  • Overview of Python and its significance
  • Variables in Python
  • Data types in Python: str, int, float, bool
  • Variable assignment and evaluation of data types
Data Type Operations and Conversions

January 19

  • Data type operations and methods
  • Data type conversion in Python
  • Indexing and slicing of data structures
  • Constructing and manipulating lists
  • List operations and functions
Operator Precedence and Selection

January 22

  • Understanding operator precedence in Python
  • Sequence of execution: Assignment, comparison, logical, arithmetic
  • Identity operators (is) and containment operators (in)
  • Selecting operators for specific tasks
Flow Control with Decisions

January 23

  • Introduction to decision-making in Python
  • The "if" statement and its usage
  • Using "elif" and "else" for branching
  • Nested and compound conditional expressions
Flow Control with Loops

January 24

  • Iteration in Python
  • The "while" loop and its applications
  • The "for" loop and its usage
  • Break, continue, and pass statements
  • Nested loops and loops with compound conditional expressions
Input and Output Operations

January 25

  • File input and output operations
  • Managing files: open, close, read, write, append, delete
  • Checking file existence and using the "with" statement
  • Console input and output operations
  • Reading input from the console and formatting output
More Input and Output Operations

January 29

  • String formatting: string.format() method, f-String method
  • Utilizing command-line arguments in Python scripts
Code Documentation and Structure

January 30

  • The importance of code documentation
  • Using indentation, whitespace, and comments
  • Documentation strings and generating documentation with pydoc
  • Function definitions: Call signatures, default values, return statements, "def," and "pass"
Troubleshooting and Error Handling

January 31

  • Identifying and resolving syntax errors, logic errors, and runtime errors
  • Introduction to exceptions
  • Implementing error handling with "try," "except," "else," and "finally" blocks
  • Unit testing in Python: Using unittest and assert methods
More Error Handling and Testing

February 01

  • Advanced error handling techniques
  • Raising custom exceptions with "raise"
  • In-depth exploration of unit testing
  • Using assert methods like assertIsInstance, assertEqual, assertTrue, assertIs, assertIn
Operations using Modules

February 02

  • Overview of Python modules
  • Performing file system operations with built-in modules (io, os, os.path, sys)
  • Importing modules and using them effectivelyNovember 3
  • Overview of Python modules
  • Performing file system operations with built-in modules (io, os, os.path, sys)
  • Importing modules and using them effectively
Advanced Modules and Problem Solving

February 05

  • Working with command-line arguments
  • Utilizing advanced modules: math and datetime
Practical Problem Solving

February 06

  • Math module functions (fabs, ceil, floor, trunc, fmod, frexp, nan, isnan, sqrt, isqrt, pow, pi)
  • datetime module functions (now, strftime, weekday)
  • Introduction to the random module and its functions (randrange, randint, random, shuffle, choice, sample)
Exam Orientation and Exam Registration

February 07

  • Familiarizing the students with the exam format, including the types of questions, time limits, and scoring system 
  • Solving past exam papers with the assistance of the trainer.
  • Make the students to involve in a series of steps that they need to follow in order to sign up for the IT Specialist- Python Examination.

About the course

This immersive course is your pathway to becoming a proficient IT Specialist skilled in Python programming. Led by experienced certified IT professionals, our program offers a dynamic and interactive learning experience. You'll gain in-depth knowledge of Python programming, work on practical coding exercises, and real-world projects, preparing you for success in the IT industry. Upon completion, you'll earn the IT Specialist: Python certification and a prestigious Digital Badge, showcasing your expertise to potential employers and colleagues. Whether you're a student, job seeker, IT professional, or entrepreneur, this program will enhance your Python skills and open doors to exciting career prospects. Join us and take the first step towards a successful future in IT as a Python programming expert. The subscribers can access the recorded video classes for a duration of six months after the LIVE sessions are concluded.


For successful remote learning, students should have two key things: a reliable Internet connection and a Laptop or PC. These essentials allow students to join online classes, complete projects, and take exams from wherever they are, making sure their learning journey is smooth and convenient.


Anyone who would like to have complete skills in Python programming can get IT Specialist: Python certified.

Class Timings

Date : 18th January 2024 - 07th February 2024

Time : 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM IST

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