Mushroom Farming For Beginners - Batch 8

Explore the theory and practice of farming mushrooms in this online course that teaches you how to safely grow and harvest your own edible mushrooms.

You will learn:

  • What mushrooms are, what they need, and how they grow

  • How to grow oyster mushrooms indoors using basic equipment

  • How to produce bountiful yields of delicious mushrooms quickly and with minimal investment

Course Fee : ₹1000.00/-
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Course Curriculum

Day 1
  • Introduction
  • Different types of mushrooms
  • Why mushroom 
  • Health benefits of mushroom
  • Cultivable varieties in India
Day 2
  • Oyster/Milky mushroom farming
  • Substrate selection for mushroom farming
  • How to grow at your home
  • How to harvest
  • How to find a place for farming
  • Marketing mushrooms

About the course

This beginner course will teach you all about mushrooms and how to grow them successfully in small spaces within a specific budget. The course familiarizes participants with the introduction to the world of mushrooms and kingdom fungi. The course includes a ready-to-harvest oyster mushroom bag worth Rs.700, which will be delivered to all subscribers** within Kerala. The recordings of the classes will be available for Six Months duration, and the e-certificate and oyster mushroom bag will be delivered within fourteen days after the completion of this course. This is a beginner course. You could be interested in growing healthy food for your family or dreaming of starting your own mushroom farm. Whatever your motivation, your journey starts here!


** Subscribers should provide their complete addresses along with email ID to ensure delivery


There is no specific eligibility for this course but anyone with a love towards farming and mushrooms is definitely a plus.

System Requirements

This course requires a system with a steady internet connection.

Class Timings

Date : 06th April 2024 - 07th April 2024
[2 Days]

Time : 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM IST

Resource Person

Mr. Jithu Thomas

Mr. Jithu Thomas is a successful mushroom farmer and the current Managing Partner of Leenas Mushroom Farm LLP. He started mushroom farming 12 years ago, initially with a small thatched farm. Later, he developed a method of cultivating mushrooms year-round in a specially designed poly house with controlled temperature and humidity conditions. He now has 4 units of mushroom farms, each with a 5000-bed capacity, totalling 20000 mushroom beds yielding an average production of 100 to 120 Kg per day. These mushrooms are sold under the brand name Leenas in more than 100 shops in Ernakulam and Kottayam. His farm also has a mushroom spawn lab to ensure the availability of quality spawns, which he sells to farmers in Kerala on a requirement basis.

Knowledge Partner