Quantum Computing for Beginners

Quantum computing blends quantum mechanics and information theory to solve complex problems beyond classical computers. This course introduces key mathematical concepts and applications in various fields.

  • Math fundamentals for quantum computing
  • Introduction to quantum principles and quantum gates
  • Quantum algorithms
  • Quantum Fourier transform and Shor’s algorithm
  • Applications in different fields like finance
  • Hands-on session in Python
Course Fee : ₹900.00/-
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Course Curriculum

Day 1
  • Overview of the course
  • Basics of linear algebra - vectors
  • Inner products of vectors, orthonormal basis
  • Complex numbers and their properties
  • Introduction to basic Python functionalities
Day 2
  • Quantum computing and quantum principles
  • Quantum mechanical state, superposition and measurement 
  • Basic quantum gate and properties
  • NOT(X), CNOT and CCNOT(Toffoli) gates: definition, matrix, circuit and properties
  • Quantum Gates and operations using Qiskit in Python
Day 3
  • Grover’s algorithm: problem, classical algorithm, quantum computing solution 
  • Shor’s algorithm: problem, classical algorithm, quantum computing solution
  • Application in finance with a demo in Qiskit

About the course

Quantum computing is an innovative field that has the potential to transform our world by leveraging the unique and often counterintuitive properties of quantum mechanics. Quantum computers can solve problems beyond the capabilities of classical computers, revolutionizing fields such as cryptography, finance and drug discovery. This course explores the basics of quantum computing and its potential applications, providing a solid foundation in this exciting and rapidly evolving field. It includes a gentle introduction to qubits, quantum gates, quantum circuits, and important quantum algorithms. Participants will also gain an understanding of the potential impact of this futuristic technology on various industries. Subscribers can access recorded video classes for three months after the live sessions conclude, and e-certificates will be issued by Manorama Horizon upon successful completion of the course.


  • Passed Class XII with Mathematics as one of the subjects and has basic computer knowledge.
  • Recommended for anyone with high motivation to learn Quantum Computing.

System Requirements

  • The course requires a system with a steady internet connection. 

Class Timings

Date : 26th June 2023 - 28th June 2023

Time : 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM IST

Resource Person

Dr. Rubell Marion Lincy G

Assistant Professor,

Indian Institute of Information Technology, Kottayam

Resource Person

Dr. Asha Sebastian,

Assistant Professor,

Indian Institute of Information Technology, Kottayam

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