Online Certificate Course in Quantum Computing and Security - Batch 4

A peek into Cyber Security in Quantum Era

The course is designed for professionals, researchers and students who are interested in understanding:

  • Quantum Computing and its possibilities.
  • Impact of Quantum Computers on existing Cryptographic Systems.
  • Design concepts for information systems that are resistant to Quantum attacks.
Course Fee : ₹700.00/-
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Course Curriculum



Day 1

Introduction to Quantum

  • What is a Quantum Computer ?
    • What makes it powerful?
    • Classical Computing Vs. Quantum Computing
  • Brief about Qubits, Superposition, Entanglement
  • Simple Demo/Hands-on
Day 2

Current state of Cyber Security

  • Introduction to Cryptography
    • Classical Cryptosystems
      • Symmetric Cryptosystems
      • Asymmetric Cryptosystems
  • Impact of Quantum Technologies/Algorithms on current Cryptosystems
    • Brief about Shor's and Grover's Algorithm
  • Simple Demo/Hands-on
  • Should we worry? Who needs Quantum-safe solutions?
Day 3

Security solutions resistant to Quantum attacks

  • Post-Quantum Cryptography
    • Brief on Lattice, Code-based and Hash-based Cryptosystems
  • Quantum Cryptography
    • Quantum Effect based - Introduction to QRNG, QKD, QSS concepts
  • Hybrid Approaches
  • Are we ready for the Quantum Era ?
    • How to prepare ourselves?

About the course

Imagine developing an artificial protein molecule that has never existed in nature, which can target and destroy cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. Imagine developing data protection software that the most powerful supercomputer in existence cannot breach after a million years' worth of effort, imagine being able to predict market movements fast and accurately enough to make low-risk trades that net you millions in a matter of seconds. quantum technologies are no longer a theoretical futuristic concept. If you aren't shocked by what you can achieve, you haven't understood quantum computing yet. However, like two sides of a coin, quantum technology advancements enable successful execution of many predicted theoretical “quantum attacks”. This increases the vulnerability of almost all of the cryptographic standards we use today! For example, quantum computers’ efficient solving of the factorization problem of large numbers directly breaks the Public Key Cryptosystems and its dependent Public Key Infrastructure. This situation has pushed cryptographic researchers and security specialists all around the world to develop and adopt cryptographic schemes that are resistant to quantum attacks. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has already released the first group of quantum-resistant algorithms that will lead to a standard and significantly increase the security of our digital information. In this context, it is very important to understand the possibilities of quantum computers and its related threats to the existing cyber security solutions and plan accordingly. Our subscribers can access the recorded video classes for a duration of three months after the LIVE sessions are concluded. E-certificates will be issued by Manorama Horizon on the successful completion of the course.


Basic mathematics and computer knowledge


This course requires a system with steady internet connection

Class Timings

Date : 26th May 2023 - 28th May 2023

Time : 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM IST

Resource Person

Ms. Mahima Mary Mathews

Hi. I am Mahima Mary Mathews, Ph.D. scholar in Cryptography and Quantum Technologies at the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Kottayam. I am also a core-end application programmer with industry experience as SAP Techno-Functional at Accenture. I completed my master's with a specialization in Data Security and am a University Gold medalist. I have developed a novel scheme for secure communication achieving authentication and integrity for resource-constrained delay tolerant networks and programmed Quantum computers using Qiskit on IBM, Azure Quantum and Amazon Braket environments as part of multiple projects.

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