Future Ready: Robotics Virtual Summer Camp Senior

Fuel your passion, let your creativity flow, and confidently step into the future

  • Immersive Learning: Engage in hands-on exploration of robotics, AI & ML, AR, VR, and Metaverse escapades, led by industry experts and seasoned mentors.
  • Personalized Curriculum: Benefit from a meticulously crafted curriculum tailored to individual learning needs, offering personalized and engaging experiences.
  • Skill Development: Develop critical thinking, collaboration, adaptability, and technological literacy skills essential for success in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Join us for an unforgettable summer tech adventure where learning meets excitement!

Course Fee : ₹1500.00/-
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Course Curriculum

Day 1: AI Face Filter Creation
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Interactive AI projects 
  • Explore the basics of image processing and coding 
  • Craft personalized filters inspired by pop culture 
Day 2: AR/VR Game Development
  • Fundamentals of Metaverse concepts 
  • Creating Metaverse Games
  • Building a summer-inspired virtual AR environment 
Day 3: Android App Development
  • Understanding the purpose of Frontend and Backend
  • Frontend designing 
  • Backend programming 
  • Creating fun Android App 
Day 4 : 3D Tinkering
  • First step in to of 3 dimensional design concepts
  • Understanding 3D Printing technology 
  • Design your own 3D car 
Day 5 : Summer Robotics Extravaganza
  • Introduction to Robotics 
  • Basics of robot design 
  • Constructing a Virtual Robot

Topics Covered

About the course

The Future Ready Robotics Virtual Summer Camp is where the warmth of summer meets the excitement of technology. Manorama Horizon, with knowledge support from Unique World Robotics, happy invites you to our exclusive 5-day immersive experience: Explore, Create, Innovate, and be ready for the future, Today! Get ready for an exciting dive into the fascinating realms of robotics, AI & ML, Metaverse escapades, design thinking challenges, and more. Our program promises an enriching fusion of educational exploration and summer-themed technological creativity, blending technology with the joy of summer. Our camp's meticulously crafted curriculum caters to the unique needs of learners, offering personalized and engaging learning experiences. Participants will embark on a journey exploring advanced robotics projects, delving into AI, ML, AR, VR ventures, and embracing exciting challenges. Benefit from learning directly from industry experts and seasoned mentors, gaining valuable insights and guidance in a supportive environment. Engage in immersive learning covering various aspects of robotics and future technology, delve into AI & ML exploration, and discover the potential impact of the Metaverse. Foster creativity and critical thinking through design challenges, and connect with like-minded peers and tech enthusiasts. Join us for an unforgettable summer tech adventure where you'll develop critical thinking, collaboration, adaptability, and technological literacy skills. This isn't just a camp; it's an exhilarating journey filled with exploration, creativity, and the joy of learning. Reserve your spot now and become part of a passionate community shaping the future of technology and innovation!


The program is designed for students studying in grades 8 to 12, irrespective of their board.


Eagerness to learn and access to a laptop/desktop with Zoom and internet connectivity are required.

Class Timings

Date : 08th April 2024 - 12th April 2024
[5 Days]

Time : 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM IST

Resource Person

Angelene Johnson

Angelene Johnson is an Electronics and Communication engineering graduate currently employed as a junior robotics engineer at Unique World Robotics. With over 2 years of STEM training experience, Angelene teaches students from multiple schools in India and UAE. She excels in game development, artificial intelligence, electronics, Python, and C++. Additionally, Angelene possesses strong curriculum-building and content-creation skills, enhancing her work.

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