TeachXcelerate: Empowering Educators with AI

Discover the transformative potential of AI in education and redefine your teaching journey with our exclusive one-day workshop designed for teachers, STEM educators, trainers, and curriculum developers.

  • Acquire practical skills to elevate your teaching methods using AI technology.
  • Interactive workshops utilizing AI tools such as ChatGPT and Magic School AI elevate personalized instruction through captivating activities.
  • Learn to craft visually stunning educational materials, enriching your teaching resources.
  • Explore seamless integration of various AI tools and platforms, including Google Classroom, Edmodo, and Seesaw, across different aspects of education, broadening your teaching repertoire.
  • Imagine a future where your teaching breaks traditional boundaries. This course gives you the skills to seamlessly integrate AI into your teaching, creating interactive and engaging educational experiences.

Location: Malayala Manorama Head Office, Kottayam

Course Fee : ₹1000.00/-

About the course

Step into a realm of empowerment where the power of AI revolutionizes teaching methods. Immerse yourself in a hands-on experience, exploring innovative AI tools like ChatGPT and Magic School AI to personalize teaching through interactive activities. Unleash your visual creativity with Canva, mastering the art of creating visually stunning educational materials. Discover the seamless integration of diverse AI tools and platforms into your teaching toolkit, from Google Classroom to Edmodo and Seesaw. Forge connections with like-minded educators and industry experts, igniting inspiration and innovation in your teaching approach. Elevate your professional growth as you navigate the rapidly evolving educational landscape, equipped with essential 21st-century skills in critical thinking, communication, creativity, and adaptability. Envision a future where your teaching transcends boundaries, enriched by AI's transformative potential. Join us for this exclusive full-day offline workshop, where tea, snacks, and lunch will be provided for participants. There will be certificates for all attendees. Tailored for teachers, STEM educators, trainers, and curriculum developers, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to upskill and redefine your teaching journey. Secure your spot today and embark on a transformative educational adventure. Seize this opportunity now.


Bring your enthusiasm and passion to harness future technologies along with a laptop/tablet.


Teachers, STEM educators, trainers, curriculum developers, and those who wish to build their careers as educators are invited to join the session.

Class Timings

Date : 27th April 2024 - 27th April 2024
[1 Day]

Time : 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM IST

Course Curriculum



Exploring AI in Education
  • Introduction to AI in Education
  • Overview of AI concepts and its applications in teaching and learning.
  • Overview of Artificial Intelligence concepts and applications in education.
  • ChatGPT and Magic School AI Workshop
  • Hands-on experience in using AI tools for interactive teaching.
Creative Integration with Canva and Beyond
  • Canva for Educators
  • Utilizing Canva for creating engaging and visually appealing educational
  • materials.
  • Practical Applications and Beyond
  • Collaborative activities and exploration of additional AI tools and platforms
  • for diverse educational scenarios.

Resource Person


Jithin Anu Jose

Jithin Anu Jose is an accomplished educator and Master Trainer with expertise in Robotics, AI, and STEM fields. She has a Master's degree in Information Technology and has collaborated with educational institutions in India and UAE. With six years of experience, she has guided school projects in AI and Coding. Jithin has trained and mentored over 15 student teams in international competitions like NASA Space Apps Challenge. She tailors classes to individual students, creating an enjoyable learning environment. Her goal is to develop logical, creative, and decision-making skills in her students, enabling them to thrive in life.


Resource Person


Akhila R Gomez (Head Of Academic Innovations)

Akhila R. Gomez, our Sr. Robotic Engineer and Master STEM Trainer is a passionate engineering professional with an experience of 10+ years in Robotics, AI, STEM & other future technologies. She is passionate about creating entertaining educational programs that impart imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, curiosity, and the ability to adapt to new situations. Akhila feels that early exposure to technology is crucial, which is why she has made it her aim to provide learners with high-quality and entertaining sessions. She loves to create a unique curriculum filled with fun learning experiences.

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