Unlocking the Secrets of Vedic Math

Grab your chance to unlock the secrets of Vedic Math and discover the beauty and efficiency of this ancient mathematical system through this course. It equips you to enhance your problem-solving skills, and opens doors to new opportunities in various fields.

  • Engage with experienced Vedic Math instructors who will guide you through the course
  • Learn how to solve complex math problems with incredible speed and accuracy that would traditionally require more time and effort
  • Explore practical applications of Vedic Math in various fields, from engineering and science to daily financial calculations
  • Regular practice exercises, assignments, and assessments to reinforce your learning and track your progress
Course Fee : ₹1500.00/-
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About the course

Vedic Math, an ancient system of mathematics that originated in India, is a treasure trove of mathematical techniques designed to make arithmetic calculations faster, simpler, and more efficient. This system has gained worldwide recognition for its remarkable ability to simplify complex mathematical problems. Do you want to know how to have fun with Math and get rid of your Math phobia? Then "Unlocking the Secrets of Vedic Math" live interactive course is your gateway to this fascinating world. 


  • Be an expert in mental math, trained by the Maths wizards 
  • Be 10 times faster in calculations than before 
  • Develop your left and the right side of the brain by increasing visualization and concentration abilities. 
  • Become a human calculator yourself! 

Those who complete the course will receive an e-certificate from Manorama Horizon, and class recordings can be accessed for another six months on Manorama Horizon.

Who can Join

  • Course is designed for school students who wish to enhance their mathematical skills and boost their confidence in calculations.
  • Suitable for students in grades 6-12 who are preparing for upcoming exams

Class Timings

Date : 29th January 2024 - 01st February 2024

Time : 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM IST

Course Curriculum

Day 1

Vedic Mathematics Fundamentals: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Math

  • Introduction to Vedic Maths
  • Addition Tricks using Vedic Maths
  • Vedic Multplication
  • Worksheet Day 1
Day 2

Efficient Calculation Techniques: Vedic Math in Practice

  • Multiplication by 9, 99, 999..
  • Multiplication by 11,111,1111 . . . 
  • Two Digit Multiplication- Short Trick
  • Three Digit Multiplication
  • Worksheet Day 2
Day 3

Advanced Vedic Mathematics: Unleashing Your Math Potential

  • Square of Two Digit Number
  • Square of Three Digit Number
  • Square of Number ending with 5
  • Square Root of Positive Numbers
  • Worksheet Day 3
Day 4

Mastering Vedic Mathematics: Problem Solving and Beyond

  • Cube Root of a Perfect Cube
  • Base Method of Multiplication
  • Base Method of Squaring
  • Digit Sum Method
  • The Vedic Quiz
  • Assesment

Resource Person

Abdul Ahad

Abdul has 11 years of teaching experience and holds a B.Tech Degree in Production Engineering. 

Resource Person

Vivek KV

Vivek has Masters in Machine Design from College of Engineering Trivandrum with 4 years of Teaching experience.