Comprehensive Online Learning Package for CBSE Class IX

The dream for learning begins with a teacher who believes in you. Manorama Horizon provides you with top notch teachers capable of guiding you through online live tuitions. These packages come with excellent online lessons and 24X7 availability.

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₹8000 /- Year

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For any two ₹15000 /- Year

For all three ₹22000 /- Year

ONline Tutoring

Learn at your convenience from the best teachers. Online Tuition has never been this easy. Faculty from various fields are lined up with excellent tools to give you a unique learning experience. Your expert tutor is now available at home, a click away!

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Access to Online Interactive Lessons

Manorama Horizon provides you the advantage of visual learning, which will increase your retention capacity. It provides quality content, including precise and easy to learn notes. The topics are explained with real life examples. Once you finish the module, go through various sets of question-answer section and question bank for revision.

Text book solutions can be accessed and studied with high degree of accuracy with ease. Learners can attempt multi-level type of questions, which will enhance your preparation.

  • Mathematics
  • Social Science
  • Science

Select Subjects & A BATCH of your choice

We provide you with the flexibility to choose from various batches (slots) available. Evenings or late evenings, whichever suits your timing. It's entirely your choice.

Total amount for 1 year9000