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Russia - The Land of Opportunities

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Former Soviet Union always gave priority to the upbringing of healthy and educated society. Their activities in the field of quality education was not confined into the students and scholars within the country. USSR extended helping hands to developing and underdeveloped nations and provided education to their students at the higher educational establishments.

Millions of students from more than 60 countries had opportunities to get higher education in the former USSR. People’s Friendship University (PFU) was founded in Moscow to provide education to foreign students.

Thousands of students graduated from the medical and engineering colleges in USSR. After the disintegration of the USSR, the newly formed 15 countries of the erstwhile Soviet Union started enrolling students from other countries on self financing scheme. Since 2000 different universities in Russia started re-introducing scholarship for students from other countries . Apart from scholarship basis students are getting enrolled to the medical and engineering colleges .

Even though 29 medical universities in the former USSR were recognized by the Medical Council of India, students are getting enrolled to the most of the medical colleges in Russia. These admissions are subject to pre-approval from the Medical Council of India and they are allowed to practice as doctors in India subject to their performance in the screening test conducted in India after their completion of course in Russia.

Students who wish to join the Medical Universities need to have certain basic knowledge about the eligibility and procedures. They need to follow the eligibility criteria of the Medical Council of India. Information can be obtained from the website of MCI. Students are also requested to follow the guidelines mentioned in the website of Indian Embassy in Moscow. students are advised to sign agreement directly with the universities. They are also advised not to give any chance of interference from the agents during their studies. Always better to pay fees directly to the universities. It is also good to get acquainted with the draft agreement with universities before they leave India .

Students can take advices and make use of the facilities provided by authorised agents by paying a nominal facilitation fee. But direct communication between the university authorities and parents is always better, especially during their studies. It is better to get admission through agents who will entertain the communication between universities and parents, or those who will keep informing the parents about the study progress of their children.

There are 5 Russian centres of Science and Culture in India providing scholarship of genuine students. The centres are not involved in enrolling students on self financing schemes. But the authorised facilitators are carrying out their activities from the centres. But we are not responsible for their activities and do not get involved in their day to day affairs. Hence Indian students are advised to select the universities after going through the draft agreements and follow the instruction of MCI.

Russian Medical Universities offer quality education for affordable fees. Indian students get exposure and good education. We are here to promote Russian education and Russian educational establishments in India. We do not underestimate the role of education in strengthening the relationship between our two nations. Make a right choice on university and facilitator.

Welcome to the Russian Universities.

This article was written by: 

Ratheesh C. Nair

Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation

Director, Russian Cultural Centre, Trivandrum

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live_help it advisable to do mbbs in north state medical university?

Asked by Abhijith Nair AC   update 04-May-2018, 10:45 AM


Hi. Please connect with Nataly Recas - she is the official representative of Russian Universities. You may email her on or call/ whatsapp her on +7499-404-27-29. For any further information from us, do call us on 9818388669 or mail us on

Answered by Richa Saklani   update 18-Jun-2018, 02:02 PM


Can we apply for any Master science degree @Russian university?

Asked by SHEETHAL TOM TOM   update 10-May-2018, 01:09 PM


Yes you can. There are many fields offered in Russia in English medium of instruction. Engineering, Medicine, IT, Economics. Please write to us on- or call me on 9818388669 for further information.

Answered by Richa Saklani   update 18-Jun-2018, 11:38 AM