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French education - a quality-mark and a passport to global success


France ranks among the top 3 most popular study destinations for international students. France is attractive because it offers world-class education opportunities in top-ranked institutions in a country that is the sixth global economy, the most innovative in Europe and is famous for its lifestyle and culture.

France offers students a full spectrum of academic and professional opportunities at affordable fees: 74 public universities, more than 200 schools of engineering, 150 schools of business and management, 120 public postsecondary schools of art, 20 schools of architecture, and 3,000 other specialized institutes and schools in specific sectors such as social work, the allied health professions, tourism, sports, fashion, and design, etc.

France offers more than 1000 programs taught in English medium. The Embassy of France offers scholarships under its flagship “Charpak” programme for students pursuing Master’s degrees, exchange semesters and research internships. This year the Embassy will grant more than 500 scholarships to Indian students. France is also attractive because of the State’s commitment towards welcoming international students.

Regarding Indian students, France welcomed over 4200 students in 2016: it’s a start, but our objective is to attract 10000 Indian students by 2020. The Embassy of France through Institut Français en Inde and Campus France India network has developed an ambitious program to achieve this target.

France has adopted very attractive visa policies for students and alumni. Visa procedures for Indian students have been simplified. Indian students with a master or a PhD degree from France in higher studies can work in France for up to two years after their studies in order to acquire work experience. Furthermore, these alumni are granted tourist or business visas with a 5-year validity including for spouse and children.

France provides many employment opportunities for Indian students who can bring their experience of innovation home, and start their own companies in India.

Professional opportunities can also be found in over 450 French companies that are present in India with a total investment stock of almost 18 billion dollars. They alone account for the generation of 3.5 lakh skilled jobs spread all over India with corporate headquarters, factories and research centers in most Indian states.

And of course, many Indian companies are eager to recruit Indian alumni from France, because they know they are among the best. Since Feb 2016, France established the “Talent Passport,” a new type of multi-year residence permit (4-Year) for the most skilled foreigners who wish to live in France.

It is designed in particular for researchers, artists, employees on assignments abroad, and scientists, as well as figures of international renown. Foreign students who obtain it can more easily work in France after finishing their studies and thus boost France's appeal with their energy and talent. Spouse too can benefit from the Talent Passport and are allowed to work in France.


Sreenath Pillai 
Manager- Campus France Kochi
Institut Français en Inde, Embassy of France in India
Alliance Française de Trivandrum- Cochin Annexe

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