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Visual Learning using Doodles

Presented By Manpreet Kaur

About this webinar

While learning new things, we would have always wondered - 'What is the fastest and most effective way of learning this topic?' Many of us would have also wondered how we can help our children learn faster and better. If you have, then this session is just for you!

In this webinar, Manpreet will share with you with the basics of visual learning and the simple yet effective method of doodling. Have a pen and sheets of paper ready because both you and your children can engage in fun activities, through which you'll be given an introduction to this effective technique. Drawing is not something that should be confined only to art lessons, it is skill that can play a role in many different subject’s areas in school, education and later on in the workplace. Spontaneous drawing or doodling may even relieve stress.

The session will help learners of all ages to understand better and even drive creative behavior in a time when we are flooded with digital content to consume. Doodling can balance the aspects of having fun and learning by expressing your understanding in the form of doodles and stories. This novel learning technique also enhances problem-solving skills in children. A simple activity such as drawing lines on paper and associate them with colors and figures can help kids perceive problems from differently and evaluate innovative solutions.

As a parent and friend to two curious kids, Manpreet is constantly looking for ideas to engage them and found doodling highly useful. This session will present different ways to encourage kids to create rather than consume, and further record and share their learning by engaging them in exercises that help them express their thoughts.

About the Presenter

Manpreet Kaur

Manpreet Kaur is a French language tutor with previous work experience as Data Analyst and Digital marketer. She uses Doodling and Visual notes as a medium to understand and teach new skills such as Gym training, Data Analytics, French Language etc. She is founder of online language learning portal Her interests include the study of diet and exercise on human physiology, and usage of technology in learning. She is a Bachelors in Education and Masters of Science (Botany) from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab.

She co-authored her first book, Storytelling with Doodles, with her spouse and self-published that book on Amazon’s Kindle ebook platform.

Webinar Details

Thursday, 28th May 2020

11.00 am to 12.00 pm IST

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