BotONAM Robotics Camp

Discover the Future at our Unforgettable BotOnam Robotics Camp!

  • Unleash the MaveliBot and Beyond!
  • Immersive 3-day BotOnam Robotics Camp
  • Blend of Tradition and Cutting-edge Technology
  • Experience AI & ML Activities, Metaverse Exploration, and More 


Mode: Offline Workshop

Location: Malayala Manorama Head Office, Kottayam


Course Fee : ₹3000.00/-
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Course Curriculum

Day 1
  • Camp orientation and Icebreaker activities
  • Introduction to metaverse concepts
  • AR/VR hands on game development and testing
  • Create “MaveliVerse” VR game
Day 2
  • Introduction to AI & ML
  • AI & ML Based fun game activity
  • AI Maveli Face Filter development
Day 3
  • Introduction to robotics and real-worldications
  • MaveliBot making and testing
  • Design thinking fun activities
  • Feedback and Project idea presentation

About the course

Amidst vibrant Onam festivities, join us for an extraordinary 3-day journey: the BotOnam Robotics Camp! Discover the fusion of tradition and technology in this immersive experience, where robotics, AI & ML activities, Metaverse exploration, Maveli Bot crafting, and design thinking challenges await.

Crafted to blend Kerala's heritage with cutting-edge tech, our camp sparks creativity and problem-solving in Grade 8 to 12 learners. Each participant enjoys tailored activities for an enriching adventure. Celebrate Onam's joy while nurturing tomorrow's innovators.

Every participant receives an exclusive Onam-themed robotics kit, enhancing learning through hands-on creation. Craft your Maveli Bot, a memory to cherish from this camp.

More than a camp, it's a celebration of Onam's joy and a dive into technology's wonders. Unleash creativity, innovation, and wonder in this enchanting 3-day journey. With our special Onam-themed robotics kit, unlock a realm of creativity, learning, and celebration. Join us to celebrate Onam's magic and unleash the potential of the Maveli Bot and beyond! Certificates provided for attendees, along with the robot kit.


Tailored for students in grades 8 to 12, igniting fervor and a passion for learning

Camp Details

Dive into an exciting offline camp with hands-on sessions led by skilled robotics trainers from Unique World Robotics at the Malayala Manorama Kottayam office. Enjoy a rich experience with our curated Onam-themed robotics kit, containing essential components to create and personalize your Maveli Bot—a lasting memory to take home.

Class Timings

Date : 31st August 2023 - 02nd September 2023

Time : 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM IST

Resource Person

Akhila R. Gomez

Senior Robotic Engineer and STEM Master Trainer. With 10+ years in robotics, AI, and STEM, she sparks imagination, creativity, and problem-solving. Akhila champions early tech exposure, delivering captivating learning via a unique curriculum enriched with real-world insights. Her vision? Empower global learners with innovation and creativity, guided by the three Cs: curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. Join her for an exhilarating learning adventure!

Resource Person

Jithin Anu Jose

Visionary Educator and STEM Master Trainer in Robotics and AI. With a Master's in IT, she's collaborated with top institutions in India and UAE. With 6+ years' experience, Jithin led school AI and Coding projects, mentoring 15+ student teams in global contests like NASA Space Apps Challenge. Tailoring classes to individuals, she cultivates a joyful learning environment, nurturing students' logical, creative, and decision-making skills for life's victories.

Resource Person

Angelene Johnson

Electronics and Communication engineering grad, Junior Robotics Engineer at Unique World Robotics. With 2+ years in STEM training, she guides students across India and UAE. Proficient in game dev, AI, electronics, Python, and C++. Angelene's forte includes curriculum design and content creation, adding depth to her expertise.

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