class 8 - Smart Study Program (2024)

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90+ Hours of Live Classes

Personalized Mentorship and PTMs

Hands-on Practice Questions

Engaging Instructional Videos

Regular Tests and Performance Reports

Detailed Notes and Flash Cards

Limitless Doubt Resolution Support

3 Micro Courses Free

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Free Micro Courses

Why not explore the realms of mathematics, space and astronomy,and yoga with our micro-courses? It's truly fascinating! Our specially designed courses are tailored to improve your speed math skills, unveil the wonders of space, and guide you through the transformative journey of yoga.

Concept Videos

Flash Cards

Practice Questions

Practice questions allow learners to apply the knowledge and concepts they have acquired. They help reinforce understanding, clarify doubts, and solidify learning. By repeatedly engaging with practice questions, learners can develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter and achieve mastery.

About this test

Kerala PSC Practice Test comes with many tempting features because of which it stands out from other generic Test Series. The Kerala PSC Practice Test is available in two languages to benefit as many candidates as possible. With a package this good, there is no reason for candidates to hold back from signing up for the Kerala PSC Degree Level Test Series. So enroll right away and take advantage of all the features of this Test.

What you will get?

  • Take these test at the
    comfort of your home

  • Clear understanding of
    question patterns

  • Proper utilization of time
    during exams

Toppers turned mentors for you!

How we help students achieve top results

  • Classes conducted by experienced teachers with a track record of producing high achievers

  • Outstanding personalized attention given to each student

  • Regular subject-specific practice exams and ongoing progress updates

  • Additional materials provided, including self-study notes, practice questions, mind-maps and flashcards

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