Why do we study Geometry?

In tenth grade students learn about both 2D and 3D shapes. The session will give a very good idea about the relevance of Geometry in real-life by discussing highly appropriate examples

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Magnet as a source of electricity

This session mainly deals with a study on how electricity & magnetism are related by understanding the working principle of generators, transformers etc.

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Grade:- 12

Chemergence: A drive to the colours of coordination compounds

The chemistry of coordination compounds is an important and challenging area of modern inorganic chemistry. This session mainly discusses the crystal field theory to recognize the geometry and to understand various...

Disorders, crosses & pedigree - the mystery solved

Genetics is a branch of biology which deals with principles of inheritance. A pedigree is a diagram displaying a family’s history of a trait. This session makes the students to understand ‘how to follow the pattern...